On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations and the forthcoming election of the new U.N. Secretary General in 2016, the ADGI-INERPOST published and presented to Members of the Diplomatic Corps, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Academics the second Edition of the Delphi Report. The Delphi Report contains the conclusions of the International Symposium which was organized, in honor of the former U.N. Secretary General Mr. Javiér Pérez de Cuéllar in 2010, on ““The U.N. in the 21st century: The role and selection of the Secretary General of the United Nations”. At the 2010 Symposium, 21 eminent diplomats from 19 countries, who had firsthand experience in the process of the Secretary General selection, reached a consensus on how we can ensure a more rational, transparent and democratic selection process.
Mr. Gerassimos D. Arsenis, President of ADGI-INERPOST opened the discussions and Mr. Sotiris Mousouris, Vice-President of ADGI-INERPOST and former Assistant UN Secretary General presented the 2nd Edition. Ambassador Adamantios Vassilakis, Head of the Hellenic UN Permanent Mission for the period 2002-2007, shared his experience from the selection process of the current UN Secretary General.
Speakers and participants pointed out the important role of the UN Secretary General in these turbulent times which call for major changes in the international political, economic and social system.
The 2nd Edition of the Delphi Report has already been forwarded to all UN Permanent Missions in New York and can be found here DELPHI SYMPOSIUM_ The report 2nd Edition 2015

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